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Managing periodontal disease is all about good relationships. Referring dentists, and their hygienists are welcome to spend time in the clinic with us, to better understand how we operate, or to watch a particular procedure being undertaken. Please call us to discuss possibilities.
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Non-surgical management of periodontal disease (including extractions)

We are happy to help you manage all levels of the periodontal diseases, from simple through to complex, which affect your patients. We are also happy to extract hopeless teeth as part of initial or maintenance therapy, however please let us know if you would prefer to do this yourself. Periodontal maintenance is the biggest aspect of periodontal management. While we are happy to be solely responsible for the periodontal maintenance, we can also establish a shared maintenance program with your practice to ensure your patient is best cared for.

Surgical management of periodontal disease

Periodontal pockets which do not respond to conventional periodontal therapy may require surgical access. This can be undertaken in the dental chair, or we are happy to discuss intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic options for your patients.


Specific periodontal lesions, predominantly infrabony and class II buccal furcations of the lower molars, may be suitable to consider regenerative of the periodontal ligament and supporting bone. We generally use Emdogain ® in combination with open flap debridement to achieve the best results. There is a strict post-operative protocol to be followed but the long term results can improve the prognosis of the teeth and reduce the need for replacement options to be considered.

Grafting (connective tissue, Alloderm, Mucograft)

The need for surgical correction of recession defects, or establishing a band of keratinised tissue around teeth and implants is possible with a range of techniques. All of the periodontists at Western Periodontics are trained in connective tissue grafting using autogenous palatal tissue, or “off the shelf” products such as Alloderm and Mucograft. We are happy to discuss your patients needs with you and them.


We are equipped to place the most well researched implant systems, including Straumann, Astra, Nobel Biocare, Neoss, Biohorizons and Southern. Most implants are placed using fully guided surgery with a stent generated via digital Trios scanning in collaboration with the laboratory. This streamlines the workflow and helps establish ideal implant positioning and prevent long term problems associated with poor implant positioning. We are happy to discuss your needs and how involved you would like to be in the process.

Peri-implant disease is a significant concern and is best managed with swift and intensive therapy, combined with long term strict maintenance protocols. We have most prosthodontic kits so can streamline your patients management providing the restoration is screw-retained. Early referral for peri-implant problems means improved outcomes for everyone, particularly your patients.

Periodontal-Orthodontic Management

Periodontics and orthodontics go to together like a wire in a bracket. Ensuring your adult orthodontic patients are periodontally healthy prior to commencing orthodontic treatment, then maintaining strict maintenance protocols during active orthodontic therapy is one of our favourite roles. This often sets patients up for a lifetime of excellent habits and lifetime dental health.

Children are also well catered for with access to diode laser for frenectomies, exposure of impacted teeth with or without bonding of gold button and chain, and post-orthodontic gingival recontouring are all part of our services. Pre and post-orthodontic connective tissue grafting is also available.


Implant systems we use
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